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Are you wondering how the coaching process actually works to strengthen leadership skills? Would you like to get a general sense of what a leadership coaching conversation with Susan might be like?


In this television interview of Susan, hosted by Lauren-Glenn Davitian of Common Good Vermont, the discussion becomes a real-life leadership coaching session for a few minutes. While the situation is obviously affected by the circumstances of being filmed for TV, this excerpt nonetheless provides a glimpse into exactly why coaching can be such a powerful leadership development tool.


When we join Susan and Lauren-Glenn in the midst of the interview, they have been talking about strategies for leading a well-balanced and integrated life.  One of the pressures we all deal with is drawing boundaries around the time and energy we spend on electronic devices.  Here is a 3 1/2-minute clip showing what happens when Lauren-Glenn accepts Susan’s offer of a “mini coaching session” about feeling addicted to her phone.


If you would like to see the entire 60-minute show, with a lot more tips for how to integrate renewal into your busy day, click here.