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Susan provides leadership training and keynote presentations for a wide variety of professional development programs and staff retreats.  She focuses on leadership development topics that support the long-term creativity, agility and success of mission-driven organizations, primarily in the nonprofit and higher education sectors.   Common themes, which are always customized to meet each client’s specific goals, include:


  • Leading authentically: being an effective leader by being true to yourself
  • Leading change by taking constructive risks: making bold moves with confidence
  • Asking powerful questions: using basic coaching skills to get better results from your team
  • Going bigger: increasing your transformative power and presence as a leader in new or increasingly complex territory
  • Leading a well-balanced, integrated life: adopting resiliency and renewal practices for the long haul
  • Finding your “sweet spot”: creating and seizing new leadership opportunities


Please contact Susan to discuss how she can meet your organization’s training needs.

“It is a pleasure to work with a consultant who understands that leadership development cannot be reduced to a cookie-cutter approach. Susan worked closely with us to understand our specific program objectives and the unique target audience. She then planned and implemented a custom workshop that hit the nail on the head. The structure was both informative and interactive, and Susan facilitated the day with a dynamite combination of enthusiasm, humor, expertise, and audience rapport. It is no surprise that her portion of our program received the highest evaluations from the participants.”


Sarah Fisher Gardial, Ph.D.

Former Vice Provost

for Faculty Affairs

University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Susan teaching in the Leadership Development Program for faculty and staff at the Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2014. (Photo: Shane Colter)