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Susan in Somone, Senegal, where she facilitated a two-day leadership workshop with the West Africa regional team of Catholic Relief Services in September, 2018.

What Types of Groups Does Susan Work With?


Susan works with all kinds of organizations and teams who are ready to identify and build on their talents in order to promote transformative results in both internal and external initiatives.




Susan provides leadership training, workshops and keynote presentations for a wide variety of professional development programs and staff retreats. General topics, which are customized to meet client needs, include:


  • authentic leadership: being an effective leader by being true to your story and owning your unique voice
  • change leadership: making bold moves with confidence and curiosity
  • leading an integrated life: showing up everywhere with purpose and presence
  • coaching skills for leaders: using powerful questions to create generative workplaces
  • introduction to vertical development: what leaders need to know about how adults expand their capacity for complexity.




An effective team is “greater than the sum of its parts” and produces powerful results that are not achievable by individual efforts alone. Susan believes that any motivated group with a clear purpose can become a high-performing team. Find out more about Consulting

“It is a pleasure to work with a consultant who understands that leadership development cannot be reduced to a cookie-cutter approach. Susan worked closely with us to understand our specific program objectives and the unique target audience. She then planned and implemented a custom workshop that hit the nail on the head. The structure was both informative and interactive, and Susan facilitated the day with a dynamite combination of enthusiasm, humor, expertise, and audience rapport. It is no surprise that her portion of our program received the highest evaluations from the participants.”


Sarah Fisher Gardial, Ph.D.

Former Vice Provost

for Faculty Affairs

University of Tennessee at Knoxville

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