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"What an ideal mentor Susan Palmer is, starting as I enrolled in Georgetown's Leadership Coaching Program.  From her informative and vibrant website to her role modeling of coaching/mentoring behavior and skills, and her clarity, practical advice, humor and creativity, I imprinted on this mentor as The Coach I Want to Be Like."


Katherine Farquhar, Ph.D.

Farquhar Change Associates, LLC

Sandy Spring, MD



"For anyone who is struggling with finding their coaching 'voice,' I would recommend spending time with Susan Palmer. She walked along with me as I completed my Leadership Coaching Certification at Georgetown University. Susan was a sounding board for me as I explored new ideas and ways being in this new phase of my coaching career. She was compassionate, caring and always made me laugh! One of the qualities that I admire and appreciate the most about Susan was her cultural awareness. She is particularly sensitive to the needs of professional women of color and is excellent at helping them identify and understand how their unique experience and qualities are the elements that make them successful. I always left our conversations with a grounded self of confidence."


Letty Garcia

Assistant Director

Harvard Business School Leadership Initiative

"This lovely, compact volume is available to all of us who coach.

Arranged seasonally, Susan's book explores the "seasons" of leadership development:  the autumn of stretching our comfort zones, the winter of crisis and transformation, the spring of growing into difficult and real conversations, and summers of centering and celebrating.  Vividly written, poised, and profoundly honest, Susan makes the place she lives (Vermont) come to life as she describes some of her own leadership and coaching dilemmas, and the way she practices radical curiosity…"


Kirsten Olson, Ph.D.

Old Sow Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Boston, MA

Susan provides mentor coaching to other coaches who seek a creative, energizing and respectful peer-learning relationship in which to grow their skills.


What kinds of coaches does Susan work with?

While she enthusiastically engages with coaches at all levels of experience, Susan specializes in supporting aspiring coaches and new coaches through the process of exploring, clarifying and evolving their own authentic coaching voice.  She believes that coaches who commit to transforming themselves are more able to offer transformative coaching to their clients.  Susan works with all kinds of coaches, regardless of whether they are affiliated with the International Coach Federation.


What is “mentor coaching?”

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines mentor coaching as “a credential applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skill.”  A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) herself, Susan is comfortable working with coaches on their development of the ICF’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and PCC core competencies, and of course strives to model those competencies in her mentor coaching.  In addition, she is an ICF Registered Mentor Coach.


That said, Susan believes coaches are more complex and multi-faceted than any one association’s definitions of competency, and she embraces opportunities to investigate each individual coach’s uniquely effective dimensions.


What can a coach expect from Susan, and vice versa?

A coach can expect in Susan an experienced mentor who yet holds her own coaching practice and philosophy lightly, allowing Susan to support a wide variety of different coaching approaches, interpretations and strategies.  Susan regards every coach as a colleague and teacher, and therefore expects to learn from her peers while she mentor-coaches them.  As in all of her coaching relationships, Susan nurtures a safe and provocative co-creative space in which both coaches can take the kinds of growth-promoting risks that increase their capacities to best serve their respective clienteles.


For more information, including fees and logistical details, please contact Susan directly at

Are you passionate about a vision for the future?  Are you an independent thinker who loves learning from experience?  If so, Seasons of Leadership is a self-coaching tool designed for you, whether you lead a complex organization or simply lead your own life. Find out more

Seasons of Leadership: A Self-Coaching Guide

The new book from Susan Palmer