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September 2012


“Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” Radio Show on Voice America


hosted by Kate Ebner


What are the big take-aways?


“Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” is a weekly radio show on Voice America hosted by a friend of mine from way back in my Middlebury College days, Kate Ebner, who is now the CEO of The Nebo Company. Each week for an hour, Kate interviews fascinating leaders, researchers, coaches and thinkers on topics of interest to any listener wishing to explore cutting-edge ideas about business, leadership and life.


Why do I like it?


Kate’s an engaging conversationalist who brings her own leadership expertise and wise questions to these riveting interviews. One of the aspects of “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” that I appreciate most is how – as a series of dialogues – the show reflects a philosophy that I am embracing and playing with more and more in my own work as a coach, which is that everyone’s a leader, at least in the context of his or her own life (hence the expression, “to lead your life”). In that regard, each interview Kate conducts is applicable in some way to almost anyone.


A recent episode that underscores this point is the one Kate did a couple of weeks ago with psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University, titled “Mindset: Boost Your Achievement and Fulfill Your Potential.” Dweck’s extensive research draws key distinctions between people who have a “fixed mindset” (reflecting a kind of all-or-nothing self-concept) and those who have a “growth mindset” (reflecting a more fluid path toward personal fulfillment). In Kate’s interview, Dweck explains how to identify which mindset you may “live in,” and how to make self-observations and conscious choices about your mindset.


In what situations would this be useful?


This radio show would be useful to anyone who enjoys being exposed to new ideas and staying ahead of trends, and who may prefer a deeper and less unilateral discussion than – say – what a TED Talk offers. (That said, I am a huge fan of TED Talks, reviewed previously here in the Leadership Library.) The archived episodes of “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” are all online and can be played any time on any electronic device; they would make excellent companionship on workday commutes, for example.


What other resources might “pair” well with it?


If your interest was piqued by my April 2011 Leadership Library review of Scott Eblin’s book, The Next Level, you might also enjoy Kate’s recent conversation with Eblin about his Life GPS® planning tool on the August 13 show. Otherwise, there are so many wonderful resources I can think of that relate to this show’s collective subject matter that I couldn’t possibly mention them all here. I suggest checking out the “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” archive and noticing what topics or guests catch your eye, then have fun exploring them!


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