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Susan believes that an effective team is greater than the sum of its parts and can produce powerful results which are not achievable by individual efforts alone.  In fact, she believes that leadership teams who adopt the “habits of mind” recommended by cutting-edge consciousness development researchers such as Jennifer Garvey Berger (author of Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps, Simple Habits for Complex Times and Changing on the Job) can elevate their organizations into becoming deeply transformative forces for societal change.


As leadership challenges become increasingly complex – and sometimes even overwhelming – it is critical that your team develop the skills to go beyond tolerating VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) conditions, and learn to flourish within them.  Susan can join your leadership team meetings and serve as a guide-on-the-side to help your group practice the above-mentioned “habits of mind” (i.e. asking different questions, taking multiple perspectives, and seeing systems) while you expand your capacity to navigate complexity and embrace transformation on your own.  Susan can do this while the team is conducting its day-to-day business or while it is engaged in a special process, like strategic planning, a feasibility study, or implementing a new internal or external initiative.  Although Susan can support your team’s skills development through a period of crisis, it’s worth noting that the best time to make bold, growth-oriented maneuvers is when things are going well.


Susan is a strengths-based practitioner who will encourage your team to investigate how to capitalize on its most generative aspects.  For example, she might begin by asking questions such as, “When your organization is most enlivened and aligned and effective, what is it doing?”  It is not Susan’s practice to come in and diagnose problems and tell you how to fix them.  Instead, she is a positive and engaged partner who assumes that your team is creative, resourceful and capable of discovering its own unique strategies for thriving.


If this approach is intriguing or appealing to you, Susan’s consulting services may be a good fit for your organization.  For more information or to request references, please contact Susan.


"Susan graced our six-month strategic planning process with her presence not her prescriptions.  Once a month, she sat as one of us with a particular ear for roles, responsibilities, and relationships in our founded-by-four social profit.  We moved quickly into what felt like rapid prototyping organizational evolution.  Susan’s humor, insight, and intellect kept us open and honest—and laughing.  I think we were all transformed, as was WholeHeart."


Trish Alley

President and Spark of Divine Mischief

WholeHeart, Inc.

Greensboro, VT

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