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Are you a “leader?”


Do you hold, or aspire to hold, a position of influence regarding the purposeful behavior and activities of others? If so – regardless of your title or where you are located in any hierarchy – you are a leader by Susan’s definition.


What is “leadership coaching?”


Leadership coaching is a series of structured conversations designed to help a leader make more powerful, informed choices and take more decisive action. Coaching topics are determined by the client and might include: strengthening management and decision-making skills; enhancing self-awareness, confidence and authenticity; expanding communication skills; improving time management; deepening leadership “presence;” clarifying action plans; and increasing job satisfaction by enjoying a healthier work/life balance.


How does it work?


The goal of leadership coaching is to achieve the client’s agenda. Susan believes that her clients are resourceful people who already have the answers to their own questions within them, and that the process of coaching helps draw those answers out. Therefore, coaching conversations are driven entirely by what the client wishes to accomplish, and are designed to build on the client’s strengths.


Coaching is not: mentoring, consulting, counseling, health care of any kind, nor a therapeutic relationship concerned with exploring or healing issues from the past. (The therapeutic process is very important – and can go hand-in-hand with coaching simultaneously – but it is a very different process from coaching.) Coaching starts with who you are and where you are today, and taps into your inherent ability to see new possibilities and create more options for yourself as you move forward.


“Susan’s clarity of thought, expansive knowledge, and unfailing sense of humor have assisted me in refining my performance, priorities, and vision as a leader. I did not have expectations in any real sense before we began meeting regularly over a year ago. I certainly believed that we would trouble-shoot management issues, which we do. What I did not expect was the process and discussion and revelation that comes through working with Susan. I gain very important and valuable insight into myself and my abilities, my strengths and my challenges. The experience has been fantastic and extraordinarily beneficial.”


Caroline Earle, Esq.,

Former Commissioner of Human Resources for the State of Vermont

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